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Have You Signed Yet?


Have You Signed That Contract Yet?
Author – John Corns
Generally, the most important contract we will ever sign is for the house that we live in , if we are fortunate enough to own our own property.

Even if we live in rented accommodation that will also be covered by a contract.
It always seems to take a long time for the final contract to be put in place so that at last you can move into your new family home.

In fact, we are entering into contracts every day of our lives, many of which are quite trivial e.g. buying a coffee at Costa, ( there are other makes of coffee) but which still are essentially mini contracts.
It’s a good job that each of these can be completed in quick time or we would be forever waiting; and nothing would be done.
The essential principles which govern most contracts are very much the same whatever we are buying, a new car or that new dress.
They are as follows:
  1. Both parties to the contact, have to be of the same mind. They have to agree what was being bought and sold are the same, the price, quality and the time of delivery. This is known in posh terms as consensus, or being of the same mind.
If one person later tries to say that there was no consensus because of certain facts eg the wrong coloured dress was delivered, they would most likely end up in some sort of dispute that may have to be settled by another person or organisation.
  1. The people or parties engaged in the contract, must be capable of doing what they have signed up to. This is called Capacity and it also includes things like legally allowed age limits.
  1. For every contract a price has to be agreed and paid to allow the goods to be owned by the buyer. This price is called the purchase consideration. After all you cannot expect something for nothing
  1. There must also be what is called   “Offer and Acceptance”.  This means that the who buyer makes the offer to the seller for his goods , house etc. The seller does not have to sell the goods he or she can accept or  reject this offer.
  1. A contract is only valid if these two sets of people are doing something legal. You cannot have a valid contract for something which you are not allowed to do by law.
You are probably asking yourself what has this got to do with the Bible, God’s word?
In the Bible the we often see that the word Covenant is often mentioned both in the Old and the New Testaments. (The first and second parts of the Bible).
These covenants are the contracts that God himself has with those who follow and believe in him.
The contracts in the Old Testament were with God’s people Israel, and he made them through his servants, people like Abraham and Moses and the many prophets who we have all heard of in our time in school maybe.
In these agreement God promised that as long as his people were faithful and obedient to him and his requests, he would look after them, care for them and give them security. 
If they were not, and they broke their side of the bargain God would reject them and their needs. This happened on many occasions and the relationship between these two parties ( God and His people), was broken.
God however allowed them to come back into their partnership if they only they would admit that they had broken the contract (sinned).
When they admitted they were wrong and returned to God blood had to be shed as part of their apology. This was normally the sacrifice of a sheep . So blood was shed for the sins of the people.
 They often refused stubbornly  not to come back to God and so they found their nation in exile away from their homeland and slaves in  to others, the Babylonians, Persians, Assyrians etc.
The Contract or Covenant that we learn about in the New Testament is a far better one.  After the life and death of the Lord Jesus all mankind falls under this whether Jewish or Non -Jewish, believers in Jesus Christ or non -believers. 
This new contract still requires that people still have to keep the same conditions as in the first covenant. We have to be always faithful in all that God requires from us under the 10 Commandments. That would mean we were perfect, never doing anything wrong. 
You see in this new contract God himself has paid the price or the consideration himself.
When Jesus went to the cross for you and me, He paid the price to make us clean. We aren’t clean because of what we have done, it’s just that God sees those who trust in Jesus for salvation in Him not as they really are. He sees them as he sees Jesus , AS PERFECT.
How does God see you today? In your dirty clothes in sin. Or dressed in the perfection that Jesus brings to his own.
As with a normal contact, God makes the offer to us and its up to you and me you to accept.
 If we choose not to accept, there is then no valid contract between God and the individual sinner. They are then left on their own and cannot have any partnership or relationship with God.
Have you signed up your contract with God through your faith in WHAT JESUS DID FOR YOU ON THE CROSS?
You will never regret it.
It’s the most important decision and contract you will ever make!!!!!!
John Corns, 16/01/2021
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